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GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans

GroovePages & GrooveFunnels Review 2021

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GrooveFunnels vs. ClickFunnels vs. Kartra vs. WordPress: 2021 Review

GrooveFunnels - Rating: 4.5/5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

Now that you know why we rate GrooveFunnels 4.5 stars, let's compare it to some other marketing tools.

Since GrooveFunnels intends to be the all-encompassing platform for digital marketing, it won't be easy.

Jump ahead to the comparison pair of your choice or read how Groove compares to other marketing tools:

GrooveFunnels & Groovepages Reviews 2021

GrooveFunnels vs. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels - Our rating: 3/5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

As a marketing product developed by Russell Brunson in 2015, ClickFunnels was the leading funnel builder software until 2020, when GrooveFunnels overtook them in users and functionality. Some of the high-rolling ClickFunnels users that had been faithful to the brand because of its energetic leader are now discovering a much more innovative and better-supported platform at Groove.

ClickFunnels has a funnel builder that is very easy to use but has not been updated in years and has been suffering from frequent outages. Stuck on an aging framework, unable to improve its page speed or add to its features set, ClickFunnels finds it harder each day to stay relevant in today's online marketing space.

It is only viable if your business already churns out a substantial profit and if you are OK with needing to spend a LOT of money on advertising to drive traffic to your site.

ClickFunnels users miss out on all of the organic traffic that makes it to the fast and SEO-optimized sites created on GrooveFunnels. They also risk losing money when those expensive ads keep running, and servers are once more unavailable for a few hours or longer.

Starting at $97 per month, they were a good deal a few years ago. Now, CF users face evermore restrictive funnel, domain, visitor, and hosting constraints at that price point.

ClickFunnels had been the leading software tool to build funnels until this year when Groove CRM overtook them in users and functionality.

All new users are automatically signed up to their more expensive $297 per month plan and need to downgrade to get the cheaper plan manually. Tricky sales tactics like these have turned off many new ClickFunnels customers who find themselves stuck on an expensive platform without real results for months or years. It is also an indicator that the cheapest plan will soon be sunsetted and that the lowest price point will become $297 per month.

Their $297 plan does unlock more funnels and gives access to their in-house affiliate software (Backpack) and email software (Follow-up Funnels). Software and support are not ClickFunnels' primary focus. We had multiple tickets open for nearly a year! Bugs in ClickFunnels hardly ever get fixed. Some of support tickets haven't even been replied to in over a year and were closed without our knowledge!

ClickFunnels is, first and foremost, a marketing company. They try to draw attention away from the subpar software by adding a subscription to their FunnelFlix training site. They want to get you hooked on learning, but seriously, wouldn't you rather have the right tools and get hooked on earning instead?

Also, some of the advertised training programs as shown on their ads and website is not (and according to communications I've had with them in support tickets WILL NOT EVER BE) available on their training site. At the very least, that indicates mismanagement. At worst, it could be seen as false advertising of ClickFunnels.

So is the claim that the $297 plan's premium support is better than on the $97 option. Tickets on either plan were handled horribly. They have since introduced a Two Comma Club X Plan with phone support at $2,497 per month, though. The maximum number of domains you can build on that plan is still only 27, but it's more than the mere 9 on their Platinum plans.

Whatever plan you're on, you'll pay $250-$1,250/month extra for tools ClickFunnels is still missing.

For that amount, you can get the entire GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime package and not pay a monthly fee ever again.

So what is abundantly clear when we compare GrooveFunnels to ClickFunnels?

Based on just price alone, Groove, and even more so it's lifetime plan is the absolute best marketing deal. Even on later monthly plans, GrooveFunnels will still outperform ClickFunnels in features, speed and advantageous SEO optimization that can bring you free organic traffic, something that is out of the question at ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is only viable if you're willing to spend big money on advertising to drive traffic to your site.

Their users miss our on all the organic traffic that makes it to the fast and SEO-optimized sites created on GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels vs. Kartra

Kartra - Our rating: 3.5/5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

Kartra can do membership websites, lead pages, email follow-ups, has a helpdesk tool, and other features.

It's no surprise, since GrooveFunnel's Mike Filsaime, co-founded Kartra. After they parted ways years ago and after the "non-compete" expired, Mike brought together an extremely skilled team to build GrooveFunnels.

While the Kartra technology is getting old and outdated, some of its users stuck around because it's been a more stable platform than ClickFunnels. But for people who know innovation is vital, GrooveFunnels is the better choice.

While the Kartra technology is getting old and outdated, it's been a more stable platform than ClickFunnels. 

But for people who know innovation is vital, GrooveFunnels is the better choice.

GrooveFunnels vs. WordPress

Wordpress - Our rating: 3/5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

WordPress is very versatile. There's a reason why it powers some of the world's busiest sites.

It is very modular, and if you know how to code, you can make it do pretty much anything you want. There are also thousands of plugins. But, with it comes complexity, confusion and security issues.

I should know. love writing, and I'm very technical, yet gave up on building and maintaining my WordPress sites. They required constant maintenance. Almost daily, needed to update the plugins because of security risks.

Certain plugins stopped working or became incompatible with one another. Then a new WordPress version came along, and half of my site functionality was gone. Finally, gave up on it.

If you love to tinker under the hood and know how everything works, WordPress may be for you. If instead, you want to focus on earning money, would recommend giving it a pass.

Yes, there are some free tools, but they will cost you lots of time. And the plugins you need to get the job done will cost you money as well, some even monthly or yearly, with no guarantees they will play nice with other plugins in the future.

WordPress is a fantastic tool for a company's IT/publishing department to distribute freely available information. It is not the best tool to market your products and services cost-effectively.

GrooveFunnels vs. Wordpress...

WordPress is extremely versatile, and has thousands of plugins, but with it comes complexity, confusion, and security issues!

WordPress is a great tool for a company's IT/publishing department.

It's not the best tool if you just want to market your products and services cost-effectively.

GrooveFunnels Review (2021): Conclusion

GrooveFunnels has a team with big ambitions, a strong vision, leadership and experience.

Mike and the team understand what the market needs and are focused on continually improving the platform. Instead of keeping users spinning their wheels with thousands of hours of extra training, they focus on building marketing solutions that work and you get the training on top for free! You, being successful, building your brand on GrooveFunnels is their best testimonial.

Expect the GrooveFunnels suite to totally dominate the online marketing industry for many years to come.

The long term cost-savings of the Groove Platinum Lifetime plan are enormous too. Moving from ClickFunnels to GrooveFunnels was our best decision ever. We now have a stable, future-proof platform, a full suite of tools, and all future updates and upgrades for life.

It will be the same for you. As soon as your break even on your platform costs, all those extra savings become nearly pure profit!

GrooveFunnels & Groovepages Reviews 2021

Moving from ClickFunnels to GrooveFunnels Platinum was our best decision ever.

We now have a great, future-proof platform, a full suite of tools, and all future updates and upgrades for life.

To stand out, you'll need the very best online marketing tools you can get your hands on. GrooveFunnels Platinum has them all, and if you still have the chance, upgrade to Platinum Lifetime before that plan is gone.